1 Previous. In this case, they must be stated expressly, both in the application and in the concession resolution, the execution commitments assumed by each member of the group, as well as the amount of the aid to be applied by each of them, that will also have the consideration of beneficiaries. In any case, you should appoint a single representative or seizure with enough power to fulfill the obligations that as a beneficiary correspond to the group. The grouping can not be dissolved until the four-year prescription period envisaged in Articles 35 and 63 of Law 9/2007 of Galicia Subsidies.

Exploitation capital will be fundable, which will include the following expenditure concepts to which the loan can be applied:

a) Financing accounts to pay for purchases of raw materials, other supplies and goods, personnel expenses (salaries and salaries, compensation, social security and other social expenses), taxes, leases and canons, repairs and conservation, professionals services Independent, transport, insurance premiums, advertising, propaganda and public relations, supplies and other services related to the activity.

b) The financing of accounts receivable from clients, which is reflected in an increase in balance of the balance sheet.

Loan funds may not be applied to purposes other than those related, such as the payment of investments or the payment of bank debts.

The loans referred to in this line of funding will be compatible with other aid, provided they do not involve a double financing of the exploitation capital in the beneficiaries who have also been supported by other operations financed by the EU.

The minimum amount of the loan / s per beneficiary will be € 3,000 and the maximum of € 500,000. The owner must request the amount that it deems necessary to reinforce the exploitation capital of it, in coherence with the explanatory memory that she must attach to the application.

The amortization period will be a maximum of 7 years, including a maximum of 3 years of lack in the principal amortization.

The arranged and unproven capital of the loan will accrue daily, from the provision of the funds and until the term of the loan is passed, a fixed nominal interest that will be settled and will be paid, periodically quarterly and with an expired character, the Last day of each natural quarter, along with the amount destined to principal amortization, except in the period of lack.

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