Here, your credit score will remain a factor, but people tend to be a little more indulgent than banks.

If the old advice not doing business with family or friends it burns into your brain, you can shrink thinking about this option.

However, it is worth considering a loan from a family member or friend, as long as you know that you can return it.

If you choose this route, treat the loan like any other. Everything must be clearly documented and legally registered.

Make a draft of a written agreement from the beginning that includes the Terms of payment, interest rates and guarantees in case you can not afford the loan.

Definitely, you will not want to risk losing a relationship with a loved one, so this should be the last option.

If you have a family member or friend who wants to help you, but believes that the idea of ​​being your lender seems too rare, consider asking you to be your co-firming. For this, the person must have a good credit score, so be sure to analyze it before requesting.

However, in case you do not pay the loan, the total responsibility of payment will fall into the lap of the co-firming. Explain to understand this before doing so.

Now, before leaving and try all the options on this list, check your options and only make an application at a time.

Each time you send a loan request, a consultation is initiated in your credit. Too many consultations and your credit score will go down.

Therefore, first investigate and only apply to those lenders with whom you feel safe.

Get loans with bad credit can be a difficult issue. However, people receive these loans all the time. So do not be discouraged if your bank rejects you. Simply choose one of these options, investigate and apply when you feel safe.

However, keep in mind that you only need a loan if you really need it. Consider carefully if the loan you want to request is an absolute necessity.

If not, it is better to focus your efforts on building your credit score and pay your debts before making large purchases.

Due to the bad credit history it is very difficult to obtain a loan. But very often situations arise when extra emergency money is needed. You can enter the Morosus list by not paying even 100 euros or the late loan payment. I had a similar problem. I had a loan for a lot of money, but due to the financial crisis in Spain, I had problems with the credit reimbursement. So my credit history has been corrupted. When I needed money, the bank refused to give me credit. But I could get an online loan, since many private companies offer loans even with a bad credit history. The main thing is to confirm the solvency.

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