It is a feeling of being “in panties”, but well, in the end I did not have bigger problems.

I agree with the author, paying with Visa is the most advantageous, but you risk staying suddenly with nothing. The system fails more than we believe. Better to be cautious and not leave everything in the fate of a small plastic piece.

A couple of notes can help someone: In the UK you can not recharge the prepaid mobile cards on the Internet unless you have a card (debit or credit) of the country. If you travel by card, credit or debit, keep in mind that the “deposits in case there are damage” when renting cars or when entering certain hotels are retentions on the card and count on your maximum daily or monthly use of it, Even if you are going to reimburse them (or not charge, rather) if you return everything in perfect condition. This is, if your card has a limit of 600 euros per day and you have rented a car that day with a deposit by accident (now I do not remember how it is said in Spanish) of 400 euros, you can only spend 200 that day. Although in your account no reflected expense of those 400 appears.

Whether we are the Venezuelans, who have control of change and we can only spend 3000 dollars a year (if they approve the trip), a single card. And if it does not happen to us, we stayed on the street.

My experience with credit and debit cards was a disaster an end of the year in London. Once we finished dinner, my partner and me, who did not have enough cash, we wanted to pay with a card. We first tested with a debit and it did not work, we continue with one of credit, which did not work either. I took my ace from my sleeve, a gold visa that only use in special cases and nothing at all. We continue with a Visa Andorra card that my partner had then. To all these imagine how they looked at us at the restaurant. We thought we would end or scrubbing dishes, the optimistic Tebeo solution, or Scotland Yard. As I had the fly in my nose and I thought the problem had it in the restaurant’s tPV, I went to look for an ATM. I think I went through four or five and none dispensed money then when I began to fall droplets of sweat … I arrived at the restaurant again, I explained what had happened to us and, seeing our faces of circumstances, they should think it was true.

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